Augusta Regional Airport getting makeover worth millions

Augusta Regional Airport getting makeover worth millions

RICHMOND COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - Augusta Regional Airport sees more than 1,000 people every day. That's why the executive director believes some major upgrades need to be made.

Herbert Judon said he enjoys interacting with people, seeing them travel to the area for business or leisure and helping them get to their next destination. That's why he knows now is the time to enhance passenger experience in the airport.

The airport's new campaign: Advancing, Growing, Stronger (AGS) will pump millions of dollars into Aviation Way.

"We're really excited about the campaign," said Herbert Judon, Augusta Regional Airport Executive Director.

Advancing and growing stronger - that's what airport officials plan to do with $18 million designated to develop a better space. It's an initiative focused on things people have asked for.

"We believe these projects will help make this equivalent to many other airports. The ultimate goal is to serve the customer and hopefully get more air service and be an asset to the region," Judon said.

This news touches everyone who is either coming into or leaving the Masters City through the regional airport. If you're wondering what  $18,000,000 translates to, there are several tangible renovation projects happening right now that passengers can see.

"Right now we've got restroom renovations going on right now. You'll be able to see the construction and track that construction. There'll be new Terrazzo flooring in the airport. Later on this year we'll have two additional passenger boarding bridges, which is a very important project," Judon explained.

Charging stations, more parking, a room just for nursing moms, and a VIP room for frequent flyers are in the works, too. Some people accessing the airport today told me the upcoming upgrades are a welcome change.

"Now people don't go to the office but they work from different locations, it will definitely help the business travelers, people who travel for work," Madhu Ravana Reddy, traveled to Augusta for work.

Judon said the improved airport can work hand in hand with the growth of cyberspace and medical, military, and other businesses in the CSRA. He said it's a reciprocal relationship that can play a big part in making the region the best it can be.

These renovations are made possible thanks to a variety of grants, passenger fees and local revenue the airport generates. CLICK HERE to view all these projects, the cost, and their projected completion date.

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