Buona Caffe is Georgia Cyber Center's first tenant

Buona Caffe is Georgia Cyber Center's first tenant

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - At Buona Caffe on Central Avenue and Wilson Street, more than 250 people a day meet up for games and goodies. Tuesday, July 10th on 11th Street, caffeine will meet cyber security. Buona Caffe is the first business to sign a lease at Georgia Cyber Center.

The center is one of two buildings designed to meet the growing need for cybersecurity talent in the state, nation and the world. It was designed because an estimated 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs will be unfilled by 2021, according to a June 2017 Cybersecurity Ventures report.

The coffee shop will serve coffee at its new bar in the center's lobby. This isn't the only first for this coffee roaster.

"We were the first coffee roaster in Augusta,  so besides our cafes we roast and sell coffee wholesale to most of the better restaurants downtown, the governor uses our coffee in the Governor's mansion, so we have a lot of reach," John Curry, co-owner Buona Caffe Artisan Roasted Coffee.

As a tenant of phase the 165,000 square foot (sq ft) Hull- McKnight Building, his reach will expand even further.

"It's exciting, everything that's gonna be going on in that building, everything from the GBI, the AU and Augusta Tech classes, TheClubhou.se
is partnering for space in there and then various other cyber businesses and entrepreneurial start ups will be in there," Curry explained.

There is a purposeful effort to incorporate as many Augusta businesses as possible, according to Calvin Rhodes with the Georgia Technology Authority (GTA). With all the development in the community, Curry said Augusta is the place to be.

Buona Caffe's newest location officially opens August 15th, when Augusta University classes begin. With this expansion, the coffee shop needs more employees. Email info@buonacaffe.com to apply.

Phase two of the Georgia Cyber Training Center - a 167,000 square foot facility - is expected to open in December.

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