FBI warns drivers about card skimmers at the gas pump

FBI warns drivers about card skimmers at the gas pump, part 2
The FBI and Secret Service want drivers to pay attention when swiping their cards. A warning has been issued about those card skimmers that can be placed on card readers at the gas pumps. The scam is costing people thousands of dollars. Right now, agents are out working to locate and recover the devices in 21 states and the effort comes at a particularly busy time.

(WFXG) - More than forty-four million Americans are expected to be on the road this week for the holiday. In the past few years, criminals have been using fake card swipe machines to steal card information and millions of dollars have been stolen from customers at gas pumps and even ATM.

Here is how it works: a device that captures your credit and debit card information is placed inside of a card reader where they are unnoticeable by customers. It is recommended that customers be careful where they swipe as well as who is hanging around watching or even think twice about how customers pay for gas. It may be worth going inside to pay at the register.

During the summertime, a lot of people are hitting the road for vacation. Before drivers fuel up for the trip, they should be aware of scammers at gas pumps. According to the FBI, fifty identify theft victims lost more than $50,000 in the scheme.
Here are tips for drivers to protect themselves from skimming:
  • Run your transaction as a credit card purchase because if thieves crack your debit card they will be able to access your bank account.
  • Choose a fuel pump close to the store and ideally one with a security camera nearby.
  • Take your time by taking a minute to examine the dispenser before inserting your card.
Augusta resident Wayne Miller says he is always on the lookout at the pump. "Sometimes I watch people that are standing around you with their phones – you know you think they are talking on their phones but they are snapping your card number or anything . . . you have to be mindful and most of the stores I deal with are the ones I have been going to over the years."

A good alternative is paying with cash because no card means no risk for skimming.

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