Storm Trashes Elijah Clark Campground

Storm Trashes Elijah Clark Campground

LINCOLN COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - A sever thunderstorm made its way through Elijah Clark State Park Campground on Tuesday, July 3rd, and almost ruined Independence Day for some campers.

Multiple trees came down on campers, vehicles and power lines.

Some roadways were blocked.

Campers came together with crews on the morning of July 4th and worked to clear the roadways and get the debris cleaned up as much as possible.

By the early afternoon, power was restored and campers were enjoying their day at lake.

One camper, Blanchard Norman, said, "What else can you do? Just get over it and have a good time."

A limb fell on Norman's camper and left a hole in the roof.

They were able to patch it up, and celebrated the holiday with a nice view of the sunset and a steak dinner.

Crews should be in next week to completely remove the fallen trees from the campsite.

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