Doctors Hospital expects 30 to 50 patients with firework-related injuries

Doctors Hospital Firework precautions

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - With the Fourth of July Holiday only a day away and several firework shows scheduled for Wednesday, Doctors Hospital wants you to have a safe holiday.

The Augusta Independence Parade is just one of many free shows on this Fourth of July that will have hundreds in attendance to watch the sights and sounds of the national holiday.

But Doctors Hospital wants families to have a fun and safe Fourth including those who are lighting fireworks themselves.

"Anything you light can explode. The bigger the mortar is, the bigger the explosion. The closer you are, the more you can get hurt," says Dr. Fred Mullins.

Dr. Mullins is the Medical Director at the Burn Center and says around the holiday time, there's a high number of patients being treated with firework-related injuries.

"There are a lot of smaller injuries from fireworks exploding in people's hands and exploding in people's faces," he says.

If you're going to shoot your own fireworks, Dr. Mullins says there are some tips you need to pay attention to:

Create a "Blast zone" away from grass and flammable items, and designate different roles. Have one person be in charge of safety and the another be the one that ignites the firework. And never light fireworks in someone's hands. He says he's already had to treat one patient this week for an injury from sparkles.

"If you have a bottle rocket, don't hold onto it. Be careful with sparkles and don't light a bunch of sparklers at one time," says Dr. Mullins.

Dr. Mullins also says he can't stress the importance of taking the time to read the directions on the back of these fireworks packages.

  • Ensure a fire extinguisher, hose or bucket of water is nearby
  • Make sure the “shooter” is not wearing loose clothing that could ignite and follows all directions on the fireworks label
  • If the device does not have a warning and/or instructions label, do not fire it
  • Never use fireworks of any kind indoors
  • Light fireworks one at a time
  • Never throw fireworks. A malfunctioning fuse could cause the item to go off in your hand
  • Never light fireworks held in someone’s hand
  • Never stand over an item that does not fire
  • Remember that fireworks, especially sparklers and smaller items that stay on the ground, are still very hot, and therefore dangerous, after they have been used

Here is a list of Events on the Fourth of July.

  • Grovetown 4th of July at Liberty Park - From 11 am to 3 pm
  • Augusta's Independence Day Celebration at Augusta Common - Starting 4 pm
  • Boom in the Park at Patriot's Park in Grovetown - Starting at 5pm

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