Augusta attorney weighs in on immigration

Augusta attourney weighs in on immigration

CSRA (WFXG) - Hundreds of undocumented immigrant families are still waiting to be reunited after President Trump signs an executive order last week.

A Republican-led immigration bill failed to pass in the House, Wednesday.

As new political action awaits, FOX 54 sat down with an Augusta immigration lawyer who's weighing in.

The images from child detention centers near the board, are difficult for some to see.

The detention of the children is legal according to local immigration lawyer, Paul Balducci. He said the child separation stems from "zero tolerance" enforcement.

"It's such a high number of cases to prosecute, there's really nowhere to put these people, to hold them, while they're waiting to be tried and even to serve a sentence," Balducci said.

Fear - prevailing among his clients, he said, as the children pay the price.

"When an adult is incarcerated, they're going to be separated from their child," he said. "The difference here is that if someone in Georgia is incarcerated, those children would still be in their own home, with other people that maybe could care for them, as opposed to being stopped at the border with your parents. Your parents are taken away, and now the child is in a strange place. They're not at home. They're not with people they know. They're not with people that can take care of them."

As the government moves to figure out immigration reform, Baldacci hopes legislators will put party politics aside, and take an economic perspective – as local businesses and farmers turn to him, seeking workers.

"I'm talking about real life companies in Georgia and South Carolina, employers who want to hire workers," he said. "They would love to hire US citizens - they just can't find all the ones that they need to do the work, and we don't have a good program to allow US employers to fill those labor needs. That's a big problem."

FOX 54 reached out to Georgia senator, David Perdue, and South Carolina senator, Lindsey Graham - both are co-sponsoring the "Keep Families Together and Enforce the Law Act," last week. In a press release, Perdue tells us the bill aims to "keep families together," increase bed space in family detention centers, and hire 225 immigration judges to expedite the due process.

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