NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake speaks on Reality Winner sentencing

Whistleblower on Reality Winner

(WFXG) - A whistleblower and former NSA official is speaking out about the potential time Reality Winner may face behind bars. Thomas Drake was a senior executive at the National Security Agency.

Drake similarly took to the press about illegal activity at the NSA. Eventually, his charges were dropped after he accepted a plea deal. He feels the justice system is being too hard on Reality Winner for information that is now public. Drake believes she could have been charged with something else. 

"To criminalize that under the Espionage Act, there are many other statutes that could've been used, there are several others that are far less harsh, far less egregious and yet she's the one that is going to end up in prison for many many years," Drake said.

Drake believes if Winner didn't accept to plea she would've went to trial and had a longer sentencing. "I think she probably had to weigh taking a plea agreement with a maximum amount of time of 63 months or a far greater sentence, that would've ended up with her spending many years in prison."

A final decision on her sentencing has not yet been made.

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