Fort Gordon soldiers tackle top technology at Cyber Quest 2018

Fort Gordon soldiers tackle top technology at Cyber Quest 2018
Soldiers test out new technology at Fort Gordon

FORT GORDON, GA (WFXG) - The latest technology could be the difference between life or death on the battlefield. That's the purpose behind Fort Gordon's annual Cyber Quest exercise.

Twenty select vendors provided more than 22 different technologies that have been tested for weeks to ensure soldiers have an advantage in cyberspace.

"We all have the same challenge. It's how do we defend our networks," said Major General John B. Morrison, Commanding General, U.S. Army Cyber Center of Excellence at Fort Gordon.

Technology and time are critical areas for any future conflict or competition.

"Units don't have time to try and figure out things manually in a fight, so you need some level of machine learning or artificial intelligence to help move things along," said Major General John B. Morrison.

So, day in and day out, soldiers strategized and tested new capabilities of the emerging technology.

"Most of those technologies were focused on how we defend ourselves, how we defend our network against the enemy, and how we kinda synthesize the information across all the different functions of the military into a common operational picture," said U.S. Army LT. Colonel Sean Lucas, squadron commander, 1st squadron 75th Calvary, 2nd brigade 101 airborne division (air assault).

Next week, soldiers will give their assessment and discuss how it can make the Army stronger. Some of the technology they've tested has enhanced their ability to protect their networks, detect intrusion and protect information that makes them successful on the battlefield.

As a warfighter and commander, that's a crucial takeaway.

"The ability to protect what the enemy can find out about us by protecting our networks and maximizing our ability to exploit the weaknesses we find in the enemy makes us more lethal on the battlefield and it makes us safer on the battlefield," said Army LT. Colonel Sean Lucas.

Major General Morrison said the event is so powerful, a unit that is leaving next week has developed their standard operating procedures and tactics techniques and procedures for operating in a cyberspace domain from things they learned at this year's Cyber Quest session. The training event was established in 2016.

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