Businesses learn more about military families moving to the CSRA

Businesses learn more about military families moving to the CSRA
The Augusta Metro Chamber and Women in Business are taking a look military families that are moving to the region and their goal is to learn more about what these families need.
On June 19, a luncheon will be held at the Legends Club to focus on ways both organizations can help support military families moving into our community. Ann Morrison, who is the wife of Fort Gordon Commanding General, Major-General John B. Morrison, will be a keynote speaker. Morrison will share experiences of what it is like for military families moving into a new community and explain to business leaders what those families need to ease the transition.
"So we are very excited. It is a learning process for our community but we want to make sure that we have all of the business to consumer services available to military families that they can tap into when they move here.", says Sue Parr who is the President of Augusta Metro Chamber of Commerce. Parr also says it is up to the existing residents to help point military families in the right direction so they can make a smooth transition. This includes helping parents find child care services, schools, and careers.
Thanks to Fort Gordon, the Augusta area has already seen a large number of military families move to the area but there will be even more over the years to come. Augusta saw a total of 7,000 new jobs in 2017 and a lot of those were directly related to Fort Gordon. This year there was a groundbreaking of Gate 6 at Fort Gordon and the U.S. Army Cyber extension is currently being built. This means there are a lot of opportunities for the community to continue to grow and that is where business leaders step in.

CSRA (WFXG) - "You know we have a lot of members that are very interested in taping into the spouse population to make sure they find jobs and that they find what they are looking for as a complete military family.", says Parr.

The luncheon will open up a conversation on what is all available to support military growth in the community.

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