Family spends time on the green for Father's Day

Family spends time on the green for Father's Day
Robert Moody Sr. poses between putts as he plays golf with his sons on Father's Day

RICHMOND COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - Families spent time with their fathers on the green at Wedges and Woods Driving Range Sunday.

The Moodys say it's hard for everyone to come together due to their busy schedules. However, for special days like this, they all made the time to show appreciation for dad.

"Father's Day means a lot to me because I love my father. He's a cancer survivor and he's my hero," said Robert Moody Jr.

His dad, Robert Moody Sr. said, "As a father, you talk to them, you try to stress good behaviors and it warms your heart when you see them expressing those good behaviors."

The Moodys spent the rest of the day honoring their dad and they wished all the fathers a Happy Father's Day!

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