Burke Co. Sheriff using targeted approach in drug crackdown

Burke Co. Sheriff using targeted approach in drug crackdown
Burke County drug bust Facebook post (WFXG)

BURKE COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - More drugs are off the streets in Burke County. The sheriff's office is stepping up efforts to rid the county of illegal substances.

Marijuana, Cocaine, Ecstasy, other drugs and over $3,000 in cash were all found in one vehicle in Burke County. Deputies pulled over Magnum Nelly on Wrights Allen Road for failing to maintain lane.

Burke County Sheriff's Office has made big arrests like this before over the past year, mostly because they take data-driven approaches to traffic and crime safety. What that means is law enforcement goes out into targeted areas where they have high crime and high drug activity.

The County has trained deputies to do more than routine traffic stops, such as notice signs and clues of drug activity.

Chief Lewis Blanchard with the sheriff's office says, "We've been able to lower violent crimes and property crimes by 50 percent. In the last 2 years, we have had 4 murders in this county. All 4 were drug-related; mostly over marijuana and other drugs that most people say are not that big of a deal. Well, all of our murders are drug-related and the majority of our shootings are drug-related. It goes to say the more drug dealers we can put out of business and get drugs out of our county, the less violent crimes we are going to have."

The Burke County Sheriff's Office says if you are going to come to their county to sell or do drugs, they will catch you.

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