Weather School: How clouds make rain

Weather School: How clouds make rain

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Clouds: you can hardly go a day without seeing at least one in the sky. But did you ever wonder why some clouds produce rain and others don't?

You can try a really simple demonstration to see how clouds make rain. First, fill a clear cup almost to the top with water. Next, put some shaving cream on top to act as clouds in the sky. Next drop some blue food coloring onto the shaving cream clouds.

After a little while, the blue food coloring falls to the bottom of the cup, almost like rain. Basically, the food coloring is heavier than the shaving cream so, gravity pulls it to the bottom of the cup. This is a lot like how clouds make rain.

Clouds are nothing more than tiny water droplets suspended in the sky. Rising air provides these water droplets. So, if you have enough of it, you can get a lot of water droplets. As you get more and more, the water droplets join forces and stick together. If you have enough rising air, some water droplets will become too big and too heavy to stay in the sky and will fall out of the cloud as rain.

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