Commissioners decide on a plan for the damage at Evans Towne Center Park

Commissioners decide on a plan for the damage at Evans Towne Center Park
Parts of Evans Towne Center closed (SOURCE: WFXG)
There are new developments from the damage at the Evans Towne Center park. Many may remember heavy rains damaged the grounds during the Banjo-B-Que last month.  On June 5, Columbia County Commissioners gave a green light on what will be done to restore the viewing lawn, which is simply letting nature run it's course and letting the grass will grow back on its own.

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - "We will monitor it. If there are spots that do not have grass coming back we will take steps to fill those areas in whether that will be sod or seed or whatever is the most economical method and the best method of the park we will do.", says Matt Schlatcher who is the Deputy Administrator for Columbia County.

Schlatcher also says people should start seeing grass sprouting as soon as next week. This may not good news for those who are eager to enjoy the park for the beginning of the summer but Columbia County officials say this was the best option. The other options were grading or removing all the grass and going in and placing new grass.
Since the Commissioners choose to smooth out the ground and let the grass grow back on its own, it will take some time. Columbia County commissioners are hoping to have the viewing lawn up and running for the fall concerts that are coming. During the process, there are other parks available for residents this summer including Patriots Park, May Park, and Pendleton King Park that are all in Columbia County.
As for the events that were schedule to be at Evans Towne Center Park, they will have to be elsewhere. The Boom in Park on July 4 is approaching.

"They are looking at relocating out to Patriot Park. It is where it was held in the past before we had Evans Towne Center Park. The fourth of July celebration was always at Patriots Park so we are looking at possibly going back there this year for the fourth of July.", explains Schlatcher.

Columbia County says they will be posting about where future events for Evans Towne will be redirected to on their Columbia County Facebook page.

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