Clint Eastwood films movie in Augusta

Clint Eastwood films movie in Augusta
Clint Eastwood movie "Mule" filming in Augusta (WFXG)
There has been a big buzz going around the CSRA about the film "Mule". It is a Clint Eastwood film and since he is in town directing residents could run into him around Augusta. This film is bringing more exposure to the area. Augusta has been known as the home of James Brown, Masters, and now the home of a Clint Eastwood film. The crew has been filming throughout the city including the Dayspring Church and Broad Street.
There has been a lot of people gathering downtown to watch some of the filming. Augusta resident Sam Coles was downtown taking pictures of the film crew outside of the First Community Bank on Broad Street. He was hoping to see Eastwood and has been practicing on what he will say if they meet. "Hey Clint! What am I suppose to say? He doesn't know me from Adam but the world knows him so I'll be off in the distance and might get lucky and say 'hey, come over here'. "

Coles has lived in Augusta since 1999 and he applied to be an extra for the film after seeing the application on Facebook. "I got the information on it and printed it out. . . and I had the right information for different parts and still got disappointed – after I did my homework."

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Cole says even though he did not get a call back, he is very excited to see the film on the big screen someday.

The film will continue through out the week along Broad Street and other areas in Augusta.

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