Richmond and Columbia County receive $25K check for school safety and security

Richmond and Columbia County receive $25K check for school safety and security

EVANS, GA (WFXG) - Two counties are receiving thousands of dollars from The Shield Club of Greater Augusta to help improve safety in their schools. Columbia and Richmond County schools will be making security upgrades for the upcoming school year.

Thanks to a $25K check from The Shield Club Tuesday,  Columbia County school officials say they will be able to purchase new radios for emergency communication.

Lance Poss, Director of School Safety for Columbia County School Board, says these radios will help better protect his students. "These radios have direct contact with the sheriff's office along with our school safety officers and other emergency agencies around the county."

When emergency situations come up, every second counts, and the radios will ensure school safety officers have the tools they need to keep students safe. "It's best for our schools to have direct communication without having to go through dispatch or go through the telephone or something like that to just keep seconds off," Poss said. 

And Richmond County school officials say they will be using the $25K they received from The Shield Club to purchase body cameras for each resource officer - at every school in the district.

Kaden Jacobs said body cameras have always been important.  "Body cameras help keep the officer safe, help keep the students safe it adds a layer of accountability so I think it would be really great for our officers to have that technology and these are state-of-the-art body cams, crystal clear video, crystal clear audio." 

With all of the recent school shootings, the Richmond and Columbia school safety officers believe these new additions will help keep your kids safe.

David Hogan, President of the Shield Club, says the cameras and radios will serve as extra protection and will hopefully prevent school violence.  "The more proactive, the more presence I think is definitely a deterrence."

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