No questions asked: Burke County leaders want your illegal guns, drugs

No questions asked: Burke County leaders want your illegal guns, drugs

WAYNESBORO, GA (WFXG) - On a sunny Saturday at KJ's supermarket, one cause brought the mayor, law enforcement and people who love their community together.

No, not to purchase groceries or produce - but to pick up guns and prescription pills. Waynesboro's mayor recently declared June as Gun Violence Awareness Month.

"We've had - I believe it's - four gun violent deaths since - within the year. What we are doing is we're making awareness so we can keep that number down," said Waynesboro Mayor Greg Carswell.

Saturday, they wanted to show residents they are serious about their safety.

Jessica Wells traveled 30 minutes to volunteer. She saw the event on social media.

It was important for her to lend a helping hand because the effects hit close to home six months ago.

"We had a kid that was killed, like, right up the street at the court where my sons play basketball - and this is, like, five minutes away from my house. The fact that it could have been one of my kids - it's hurtful. Then I have a friend-girl who I used to work with and she just lost her son. And if you see her posts every day on social media - it's heartbreaking," explained Wells.

Mayor Greg Carswell, the topic of safety is personal, too.

"I have 7 kids, myself, and I want all of them to be safe. So this is very, very important to the community," said Mayor Carswell.

Burke County leaders showed up Saturday morning in numbers, to prevent the problem by collecting illegal items and ensure your safety by keeping them off your streets.

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