National Safety Day helps prepare Ft. Gordon Soldiers for disaster

FORT GORDON, GA (WFXG) - Troops on Fort Gordon were trained on how to prevent disasters and casualties. From station to station, soldiers learned how to spot dangerous animals, the effects of impaired driving and they even got to touch the tools first responders use every day.

"We have a lot of casualties or injuries during this particular time of year," said PFC Eric Johnson, who attended Friday's safety demonstration.

It's a topic that touches everyone.

"The person that was supposed to be here, today - and at the last moment he had to cancel out because he had a family member that died and he was gonna to have to tell his brother that his niece that died...and these are things that touch us and I just hairs stand up on our arms just thinking about the kind of things that happen," said Jesus Soto, Fort Gordon Safety Director.

While the event can't prevent the inevitable, event directors hope that life-saving lessons are learned with every crash simulation and safety seminar.

"Whatever happens to us, we also have an extension of ourselves, which is our families - and we want to protect them as well," said Soto.

The base hosts this event every year.

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