Governor Nathan Deal starts Look Again campaign

Governor Nathan Deal starts Look Again campaign
Governor Nathan Deal starts Look Again campaign (SOURCE: WFXG)

Heartbreaking stories of hot car deaths are told every year but there are ways to avoid them. On May 29, Governor Nathan Deal will hold a press conference at the state capitol talking about the importance of the 'Look Again' campaign. A campaign encouraging caregivers to simply double check a vehicle to make sure no child is ever left behind.

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Since 2010, seventeen children have died in Georgia because of vehicular heatstroke and four in the last year alone. These deaths happened while the children were in the care of family. It is important to not leave a child alone in a car for not even a minute because it can mean life or death. In the span of ten minutes a car can heat up by twenty degrees. Governor Deal's goal is to prevent as many child injuries or death due to heat strokes.

There are helpful tips that can remind you to look in a car again to make sure a child is not left behind. One is simply leaving a shoe in the backseat with a child so that the driver is reminded look again; chances a person will not go too far with only one shoe on.

Also, if a caregiver is traveling long distances, GPS apps like WAZE will alert the driver that a baby is onboard once he or she reach their destination. Sometimes caregivers can forget about a child due to changes in routine so it is important to do the necessary steps that will ensure a caregiver always looks again.

If someone ever notice a child left alone in a car call 911.

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