YMCA offers free Safety Around Water classes for kids

YMCA offers free Safety Around Water classes for kids
YMCA offers free Safety Around Water classes for kids (SOURCE: WFXG
Many people are getting their pools ready and planning family vacations for the summer. Outdoor fun can turn deadly if your child doesn't know how to swim.

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The Augusta YMCA is offering Safety Around Water (SAW) classes that are free and available to kids this week. Parents can register online or in person at your local YMCA throughout the week. However, if this week does not fit your schedule, swim lessons are available all summer. Amy McCarter with the YMCA says they have three main goals to teach kids if they accidentally fall in.

You jump .. you push . . you turn and you grab on to that wall so you know how to save yourself. And you learn how what to do if you get tired while you are swimming. . . you roll on to your back and float a while and then swim some more to the wall, boat, or to wherever you are trying to get to.", explains McCarter. Most importantly they are teaching students to ask permission before getting in any body of water.

Rachael Baker has three kids and only two of them know the basics of swimming. She is hoping the program will help them become more confident in their technique in the water. For her swimming is like riding a bike; it is a skill that becomes second nature and you can not unlearn.

"I'm looking for that safety around water aspect of it because they spend a lot of time around water with friends, with grandparents, and they do a lot of water activities. I'm not going to always be there to make sure they are doing the right thing. So to know they have that bases of knowledge is what is important to me.", says Baker.

She also says Introducing them to water at a young age is good so they do not grow up and try to learn  how to swim as an adult which can be difficult.

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