City Leaders approve plans to implement AU Students Project on 5th St. Bridge

City Leaders approve plans to implement AU Students Project on 5th St. Bridge
AU students present concepts to leaders to raise funds for homelessness in Augusta

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Many people travel through the 5th Street Bridge from Augusta to North Augusta. But how about eating on the bridge?

It started as a regular project in Event Planning & Production for several Augusta University students.

"At first we were thinking what makes Augusta, Augusta? What's something that Augusta has and a lot of other cities do not," says Erin Willingham, a Senior at AU.

It turned out to be the Savannah River. But this special project called "Bridging the Gap" created by Willingham and several of her classmates incorporates using the Savannah River as a venue to host a dinner to raise money for homelessness.

"We wanted to celebrate this and also embody the symbolism how the river brings together two states and two cities," she says.

The proceeds raised will be donated to local organizations such as the Salvation Army. Something that certainly passed the eye test when presented in front of City Leaders.

"The idea is great. It's something different and that's what we're always looking for so I appreciate their enthusiasm and new ideas," says District 3 Commissioner, Mary Davis.

The Commission voted unanimously to move forward including factoring in all potential obstacles.

"You close the bridge for that evening and you have the dinner on the bridge that evening. We have to work out the logistics of parking, there was a concern about rain but that's no different then what we do with any of our programs," says Glenn Parker, Director for Parks & Rec.

But Parker tells FOX 54 he's confident that next year, this idea will be something people can look forward being apart of. As for Erin, she's just taking everything in. "I was ecstatic to hear that they wanted to consider this and wanted to move forward with it instead of brushing it off as some student's project," she says.

Parker says the target date is 2019.

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