Prom safety for students and parents

Prom safety for students and parents
Prom safety for students and parents

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Many students are heading to prom this weekend and at the beginning of May.  As fun as prom can be it is important to make sure those who attend are safe. FOX 54 spoke with Richmond County and Columbia County school systems, both say that their first priority is safety but students and parents have to do their part as well.

Prom is one of the biggest events in high school. Students attend prom junior and senior year and if they are lucky they get to go more than that. Richmond and Columbia county schools will have staff and security at the proms so students are never alone during the event.

Richmond County students have to abide by the code of conduct, those expectations never change whether it is prom night or a regular school day.

"For parents – just always know where your kids are at. Have that conversation with them about your expectations. We are certainly reinforcing our expectations and parents know what those are. If those can align that always helps. I think for majority of our folks they do align. ", says Kaden Jacobs who is the Director of Communications for Richmond County Board of Education.

Columbia County Board of Education warns parents to be careful if they are hosting after prom parties because if there is any alcohol they will be held responsible. Students are aware of the dangers because they learn about drinking and driving before each prom.

“They do a simulated wreck and they get the students to come out and see the emergency services and what it would be like if you got involved in a wreck or make a poor decision on prom night.”, explains Jeff Carney who is the Associate Superintendent for Columbia County Board of Education.

Columbia County students also commit to a prom promise which means each student vows to not drink on the night of prom.

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