"Motion Picture Use Only," Counterfeit money being used in Swainsboro

"Motion Picture Use Only," Counterfeit money being used in Swainsboro
Counterfeit Bill Vs. Real Bill (WFXG)

SWAINSBORO, GA (WFXG) - The Swainsboro Police Department is urging shop owners to check money before taking it. Fake 100 dollar bills have been circulating through Swainsboro since last week.

A rush of customers can sometimes lead to employees overlooking certain things---like a counterfeit 100 dollar bill.

Randy Ellison, Chief of Police City of Swainsboro, says when it's rush hour employees tend to forget to check the bills. "You go in at lunchtime on a Friday and there's people everywhere in a store and you hand them a hundred dollar bill they're not examining it."

But, if employees took a few seconds to look on the back of those bills they would see the difference. "And if you compare the size, the length and the color it looks even accurate with the watermark but then across the top of the bill here, motion picture use only across the top."

According to Ellison, these bills are bought online and he says three stores in his jurisdiction have been victim to receiving these fake bills. Retailers are able to test the difference between these bills to know if it's fake or real with a special marker. The real bill will show up as yellow and the fake bill will show up as brown. 

Officials say that crime will cost you up to a year in prison and or a $1,000 fine.

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