South Carolina Watch D.O.G.S. take safety into their own hands

Watch D.O.G.S help keep schools safe

SOUTH CAROLINA (WFXG) - Parents in South Carolina are taking school safety into their own hands. Instead of armed staff or metal detectors - DOGS are going into schools. 
But it's not how it sounds. Watch D.O.G.S., or "Dads Of Great Students".

Steven Murray comments, "We're looking to make sure there's no adults that are not supposed to be here. Go up and we'll check the doors, make sure all the doors are locked." He is not an official security guard. He's not armed. But the father does don a t-shirt uniform for the job—'Dads Of Great Students' is the name on his back. He interacts with fourth graders inside their gym class. His PRESENCE is the point. The goal is to enhance school safety.

Murray says it puts him at ease as a parent to know that others like himself are here as WATCH DOGS on the days he can't come to campus."It gives you that little feeling you know, that you know there's somebody else there. We do have great school resource officers here at this school. But you know, he's busy. So, having another dad in the school when I can't be here with him every day is a good feeling." The guidance counselor says there's been a success rate because staff feel safer. That's one reason that the WATCH D.O.G.S. are starting-up their visits and checks at the middle school.

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