The future of medicine, robots performing surgery

The future of medicine, robots performing surgery
Surgery Robot at Doctors Hospital (WFXG)

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Robotic surgery is quickly becoming the choice of patients because it's less invasive and recovery is faster and less painful. Many patients who might have taken weeks to recover, can be back to regular activities in days.Some have concerns that a robot will be doing the operation on its own -- but that is not the case. A surgeon is always at the controls.

Doctor James Bardoner of Doctors Hospital comments, "We do go to a console in the corner of the room so that we can have number one 3D vision which benefits us so that we get the operation done quickly and safely. Then its just what is necessary to control the instruments and give us the dexterity that we need inside the body. But we do not leave the room, we are at the patient's bedside."

The surgeon's hand movements control the robot; the machine has a safety guard that requires the surgeon's full attention."Your head has to be in there and it has to read them in order for you to move your hand. As soon as you pull your head out your hands are going to stop."

Kinds of procedures for robotic surgery is usually for areas that are hard to visualize such as pelvis, prostates, or colon recessions.

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