No Electronics, No Problems for Patrons at 2018 Masters Tournament

No Electronics, No Problems for Patrons at 2018 Masters Tournament

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Every year thousands from across the country and around the world come into Augusta for the Masters. 
And chances are they bring their cell phones.

Thursday is the 1st round of the Masters Tournament. Patrons welcomed, cellphones not.

"A little bit of quality time, a lot of peace and quiet, no emergencies, don't have to solve a problem," says Lois Louis and David Ratterman.

It didn't matter to Louis and her husband of over 10 years, this time is very important. "It's all about us today, nobody else. Why would you want the outside world when you're here with all of this around you in beautiful Augusta," they say.

And it's a message their kids even have to abide with. "Don't call, don't write. We don't care, this is pretty great too bad you're not here."

But with no cellphones allowed, it means no social media and no phone calls. But how can you tell your aunt the gift shop has run out of the green master's hat she's been dying for?

Here at the Augusta Nationals, the Payphone is the only way you can communicate with someone on the outside.

I decided to ask a couple of people if they know how to use this old thing.

Thankfully the no cell phone policy is limited to the playing grounds or it could be hard for some people to survive just a day. And what's the penalty if you do get caught with a cellphone? You lose your masters pass! So that's probably a good incentive to leave it somewhere else.

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