Golf patrons react to newly-announced Augusta National women's tournament

Golf patrons react to newly-announced Augusta National women's tournament
Women's tournament coming to Augusta National (WFXG)

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Augusta National Chairman Fred Ridley announced groundbreaking news for women's golf at the "State of the Masters". Women will now have a chance to compete on the course in the newly announced Augusta National Women's Amateur.

It's a historic day here at Augusta National as Chairman Fred Ridley announces women will now have the chance to compete at Augusta National.  In his first press conference as Chairman of Augusta National, Fred Ridley wasted no time in announcing a major development for the sport of golf. "Beginning next year, we will invite 72 women golfers from around the world to compete in the inaugural Augusta National Women's Amateur Championship."

"That's great. That's wonderful that they are going to open up for a women's tournament. After all these years I think that's fabulous." - Jenny Stelmach, golf patron

"I think it's fabulous I think it's long overdue, but I think it's in perfect timing with everything going on in our culture right now. Amazing. I will be here. I will try to be here. I'll be the first person to get a ticket, this is our second year at the Masters so that would draw me and my family in." - Tracy Carrico, golf patron

FOX 54 broke the news to several patrons on the course minutes after the announcement. Golf fans like Jenny Stelmach and Tracy Carrico were ecstatic to hear about the new tournament and both can't wait to get tickets.

Chairman Ridley says the 54-hole tournament will finish at Augusta National on the Saturday before the 2019 Masters. Patrons will be able to obtain tickets via the ticket lottery once again. The women will *not be competing for a green jacket, but something he says will be very meaningful. "It will be a very distinctive trophy for the winner of this event and we think in time that will become iconic as well and will be well received. The winner will be excited to receive it."

Augusta National says their mission is to continue growing the game..and this progressive move is getting a thumbs up from the female patrons at the course.

"Were from Kentucky but live in DC but to see a southern state take the initiative on something like that is great." - Tracy Carrico, golf patron

Chairman Ridley says this event will be televised. Details on that will be released at a later time.

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