New Augusta National Golf Shop opens for patrons

New Augusta National Golf Shop opens for patrons
New Augusta National golf shop

(WFXG) - Every year Augusta National seems to add some brand new addition to the course, this year it's the golf shop, opening to patrons for the first Masters Monday.

"I spent $308, minus my rain jacket plus $150 so $458," said Hope Harrell & Cindy Hope.

Built in just 255 days, the new facility has double the floor space and 25 percent more employees to help the patrons' shopping
experience go a little bit smoother.

You have no short selection of style, with 125 different types of hats. Plus a rolling restock of inventory, from shirts, polos, jackets and of course
those famous green Masters chairs.

"There's so many different things to choose from she was like oh I like this, oh lemme get this, I want this. It was a lot it was it gorgeous though there
was a lot of stuff to pick from," said Harrell.

The new golf shop emphasizes the full Masters experience, with patrons now waiting indoors, entertained by Masters history while they wait to pick out that
new hat they've been wanting.
For families like the Harrell's they say there's no buyer's remorse here.

"We are here one day this week its the first time we've ever been and may never come back so no regrets," said Hope.

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