Home improvement injuries during Masters perparation.

Home improvement injuries during Masters perparation.
Home improvement injuries during Masters perparation. (wfxg)
There are a ton of homeowners preparing their houses to rent to the thousands of visitors who will be arriving this weekend. Such preparations will include heavy lifting, climbing, and twisting that your body may not be use to. For those who already have muscle aches you can cause more pain.
FOX 54 spoke with Dr. Robert Abramson at Doctors Hospital and he says it is critical to stretch before starting home improvements that require any heavy lifting to loosen up. Also do not over do impact motions such as running, jumping, or over loading the spine while twisting and bending. Over working your muscles in a short amount of time is what strains your joints. Doctor Abramson suggest spreading the work with breaks in between and to make sure you use proper mechanic by using your legs and not your back when lifting.
"Be very cosign of the twisting motions – even in doing things like weed eating – that motion in twisting and holding out a weight really can work a lot on your back; so be very careful when doing those things. With the neck the main thing to look out for is working up above shoulder level and extending the neck and working up for extend periods of time, you need to keep the neck in a neutral position.", explains Doctor Abramson.
Anytime you feel exceeding amounts of pain it is important to stop what you are doing to rest and apply heat to the area. If it persist you need to visit the doctor. Your health is always comes first so for great amounts of home improvements or construction its best to hire a professional.

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