Owner shares his story of building his construction company from nothing

Owner shares his story of building his construction company from nothing

KEYSVILLE, GA (WFXG) - Not many can say they've built a widely recognized business without a college degree or even a high school diploma. But Charles Green is a man who transformed his life with nothing but a vision and the drive to succeed.

"You got to work hard at it. Give it all you got. And keep God in front of it. And he'll lead you the right way," That's what Charles Green, CEO of  C&C Concrete & Grading, says he would say to any young person wanting to grow and build their own business.

But he wasn't always as focused. After establishing his business in 1977, he struggled severely with substance abuse until he decided to put it all down and give his dream everything he had. "I lost everything I had during that time. And I prayed and asked God to get me through that again. And every time I went to Him, He helped me," says Green.

His father played an influential role in helping him understand the construction business. "I started my business working in concrete business with my father and he taught me the trade and we was always working for other people. That part, they made the money and we did the work," says Green.

Green says he was able to grow his business because of the people he surrounded himself with, staying focus, and working hard. Wife, Kimberly Green, says she's always admired his passion for his work and helping other people. "In the community, he's well known because helps everybody. And so, with that he has guided me into doing more things in the community," says Kimberly Green.

He says without God none of his success would be possible. Green is humbled to receive an award from the CSRA Business League in honor of his diligence and decades of hard work. "I'm very, very, very excited. Very pleased with the way it started back to where it's come to now. It's amazing and I couldn't have did it without God help," says Green.

Green says he hopes his story will continue to inspire and impact the lives of young people aspiring to own their own business.

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