High 5 4 Kids: Operation Teammate brings together kids in military families

High 5 4 Kids: Operation Teammate brings together kids in military families
Source: Operation Teammate

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Growing up with a parent that's a first responder or in the military can be hard.

An Augusta non-profit, Operation Teammate, aims to bring those kids together for some fun and inspiration.

"Plan and simply, the smiles on the kids faces when they attend an event is just a huge measure of success from a personnel prescriptive," said Founder Timothy Montjoy.

When Montjoy retired from the military as a single father he knew he wanted to help other kids in military and first responder families. This led him to start Operation Teammate. It's a group of kids all dealing with separation from a parent.

"We do support families all year round. Just because a separation is a process, and sometimes the time period leading up to a separation could be more stressful for the kids then the actual separation," Montjoy explained.

The best part about Operation Teammate is it allows kids to hang out with friends in similar situations. The non-profit arranges for these kids to do everything from meeting local and professional sports teams, to watching their practices, and sometimes even getting hands on.

Montjoy said, "We use athletics as kind of that attention step, or that bridge between the families and the athletes to get the kids attention and get them involved in something positive."

This isn't to necessarily get them interested into sports but rather inspire them to stay on track and follow their dreams.

"Up to this point we've done 17 events with about 320 children," Montjoy said.

Coming up, Operation Teammate is traveling to the Masters and UGA to visit their football team.

If you'd like to help out by donating to the organization you can do so on www.operationteammate.org

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