Golden Harvest Food Bank looking for your help to end child hunger

Golden Harvest Food Bank looking for your help to end child hunger
Golden Harvest Food Bank (WFXG)

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - For some kids, the weekend isn't just a break from school. It can also be a break from a reliable meal.

Golden Harvest is making a big push during the month of March to raise awareness of child hunger in our area. They are looking for support from community members and communities around partner schools.

Golden Harvest food bank bridges the "weekend meal gap" with our backpack and pantry packs programs. Both programs provide hungry children with weekend meal packs to help fill the place of the free school meals available during the week. Golden Harvest provides the meals packs and transports them to participating schools. Each Friday, the meal packs are discreetly placed in students' book bags by staff and volunteers. Through these programs, kids in need receive a year-long supply of child-friendly weekend food and can return to school on Monday well-fed and ready to learn.

The BackPack program provides more than 4,500 kids in need with a supply of easy-open, nutritious food for the weekend. One in four children in our area struggle with hunger. These children often receive free meals during the week at school lunches or after school programs. But over the weekend, many of these children don't get enough to eat. You can provide a local child in need with food for the weekend for $20 a month.

The Pantry Packs program provides local middle- and high-school children with a supply of weekend food and basic hygiene items. Middle- and high-schoolers struggling with hunger also face the "weekend meal gap" when school meals are not available. Good nutrition is crucial for these teens as they prepare for college and the workforce. You can provide a local teen with a weekly supply of weekend food and much-needed hygiene items for $8 a month.

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