Alcohol consumption during St. Patrick's Day

Alcohol consumption during St. Patrick's Day
Alcohol consumption during St. Patrick's Day (WFXG)
St. Patty's Day celebration is over for some people but for others they are just getting started. FOX 54 has tips from Doctors Hospital on how people can keep themselves safe while they enjoy the holiday. Even though most of St. Patrick's Day events will end evening time on Saturday, March 17; there are some who will continue the celebration throughout the night and Sunday. Doctor's Hospital is well prepared for what the holiday may bring.

"All too often people who have been drinking are not aware of the effect alcohol has on their system so they tend to over drink and when that occurs it can damage the liver and cause malfunction in their electrolytes and even cause death.", explains Doctor Christopher Hogan at Doctors Hospital.

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Every year the hospital see an increase in ER visits due to too much alcohol consumption. So before you head out the door tonight and tomorrow remember safety is first. Drunk driving, drunk walking, and being drunk in public is always dangerous.

"The biggest thing is we have Ubers these days that will keep you safe from getting in your car and driving. And make sure you have a designated driver if Uber is not in your plans. For ladies it is important that you are careful with who buys you drinks because there are people who can spike drinks in different ways.", says Doctor Hogan.

Unfortunately, as people drink that decreases their inhibitions and they forget they need to be safe. Doctor Hogan has another big tip to help with this. "Make sure they are hydrated. One of the rules that I had always heard is if you drink two glasses of water for every drink that you have -- that helps balance out some of the issues."

Doctor Hogan also warns to look out for others who may have exceeded their alcohol limit; if you recognize anyone in that situation help them by calling 9-1-1.

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