Augusta man charged with neglecting elderly woman in his care

Augusta man charged with neglecting elderly woman in his care
John Henry Ray

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - An Augusta man has been arrested for neglecting an elderly person in his care.

The Richmond County Sheriff's Office was asked by Adult Protective Services to perform a welfare check on an elderly woman at a home on Ridge Road. The report from APS cited concerns from a healthcare professional who said whenever the victim came to his facility, she was covered in animal feces and urine and had a foul body odor. Deputies responded to the home at around 5:25 p.m. on Thursday, Mar. 15.

Deputies made contact with fifty-four-year-old John Henry Ray, who said he provided care for the victim. When deputies entered the home to speak with her, they say they were met with a strong, foul odor. The deputies say the home was in deplorable condition with the floor saturated with urine and covered in dog feces. They go on to describe the home being filled with piles of trash and infested with hundreds of roaches. The home reportedly had holes in the wall and a large, open crack in the ceiling. When the deputies went back to the victim's bedroom, they saw that her bedroom and bed were covered in trash and feces.

John reportedly told the deputies as they walked through the home that he "hadn't had a chance to clean today."

The victim told deputies that she was physically disabled and Ray took care of her. When Ray was asked why he had not cleaned the home, he told deputies that he had been busy and had not had time.

The home's condition was reported to Richmond County Code Enforcement and the building was condemned, declared unsafe for human habitation.

The victim was picked up by a family member. Ray was taken to the Charles B. Webster Detention Center, charged with neglect of a disabled adult.

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