Remains found on Golden Camp Rd. to be sent to GBI Lab for identification

Remains found on Golden Camp Rd. to be sent to GBI Lab for identification

RICHMOND COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - Richmond County Investigators wrapped up its search of a wooded area behind someone's home where they say human remains were found on Golden Camp Road. The units started the search Thursday afternoon but had to postpone it due to darkness as night fell in the area.

The vacant home on Golden Camp Road was the center of attention Friday as investigators were digging up human remains that they say the property owner found yesterday afternoon.

"Nobody deserved that. We have enough going on in the world, you are killing people and hiding bodies," says Shenita Smith.

Smith has been living in this community for her entire life. She says it's more than a coincidence that these investigators are here searching for human remains just a block down the street from where they were last year.

"The fact that they were in this same area June of last year in the same vicinity, they were parked right here and it was full," Smith explains.

Neighbors called about a strange odor at that time in 2017. Rumors circulated on social media that the smell could be the body of missing 16-year-old Latania Janell Carwell but it ended up being a dead animal in a toolbox. Carwell lived near the area and is among more than 10 people missing in Augusta according to Sheriff's Department.  Investigators told FOX 54 bones were found approximately 100 yards behind the home.

"It's in the part where there's a wooden section. It's not like landscaped or anything so it's not something that would have easily been seen," says Lt. Glen Rahn with the Richmond County Sheriff's Office. The Forensic Anthropologist will send the remains to the GBI Crime Lab in Atlanta where there's no set timetable for identification.

"Usually DNA runs a year to 14 months, I have other avenues which I am going to check out to try and speed this up," says Richmond County Coroner Mark Bowen.

Bowen says there are other methods that can take 2 to 4 months he wants to be able to give an accurate description of who is this person but nothing is set in stone right now. "Somebody's loved one is here, we have to give them closure."

There's no word on how long those remains have been behind the home.

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