Doctors Hospital pediatric burn unit receives toy donation

Doctors Hospital pediatric burn unit receives toy donation
Kids at Doctors Hospital unload donated toys (WFXG)

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The children at the pediatric burn unit in the Doctors Hospital got a special surprise from some generous students.

Two years ago, a popular teacher's son was burned in a kitchen accident. Students from her school in Columbia were inspired to do something after seeing how a stuffed animal helped calm him. They held a fundraiser and reached out to the company Ty Inc. about a discount on stuffed animals.

Instead of a discount, the corporation decided to donate all the stuffed animals, giving the students the opportunity to make another charitable contribution.

Krissy Johnson, a sixth-grade teacher at Hammond School, says, "Hopefully they realize one person can make an impact and that impact can grow. Because it was one person donating to my son that then caused him to want to donate and caused this to happen and hopefully it will keep on spiraling and those good work will continue."

Lyndsay Moore attends eighth grade at Hammond School. She says, "It feels really special, it makes you feel like you did a good deed and you're helping someone out and sometimes we're more fortunate than others and it feels good to give back."

The students raised nearly $1,000 and were able to donate that to the Southeastern Firefighters Burn Foundation because of the contribution from Ty Inc.

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