Augusta - Richmond Co. Leaders vote to adjust pension plan for city workers

Augusta - Richmond Co. Leaders vote to adjust pension plan for city workers

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - On Tuesday, Augusta – Richmond County Leaders voted to adjust the current pension plan for city workers. It changes the multiplier from 1.65% to 2% for all employees essentially giving them more money when they retire.

This past year, you couldn't miss the masses of public safety officials sitting in at most commission meetings asking city leaders for its fair piece of the pie.

"As you know we had to fight for the raises that we tried to get this year and the other component was the retirement package to retain those deputies," says Sheriff Richard Roundtree.

The Sheriff's Department was one of those entities. Experiencing a shortage of deputies to surrounding counties for better pay, they requested an increase in salaries and it was granted. Fast Forward to today, another win for not only that department but for city workers.

"For quite some time, they've led the fight. The firefighters, the marshal's office, the sheriff's office has led the fight on this. But all the employees will benefit from their efforts," says Commissioner Ben Hasan.

The city plans on covering its cost from the city's general funds by $1 million dollars but city employees will have to increase their contributions by more than $2 million dollars. Something the Sheriff's Department says will help in the long run.

"For the long run, I think it's going to help us get good officers and definitely on the tail end once they get 5, 10 years in that we'll keep them here in Richmond County," says Sheriff Roundtree.

July 1st is when the policy goes into effect. January 1st is when the city starts deducting it from the employee's salary

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