Capetillo case forensic audit results presented at Grovetown city council

Capetillo case forensic audit results presented at Grovetown city council
Grovetown City Council offered that city a closer look at just how damaging the City clerk, Vicky Capetillo's tenure was to the city's budget. The forensic audit showed hundreds of thousands of dollars that were appropriated by Capetillo during the span of fifteen months. Most residents were in complete shock of the findings and just couldn't wrap their minds around how this could happen.

GROVETOWN, GA (WFXG) - The Dabbs, Hickman, Hill, and Cannon LLP law firm presented their findings from the forensic audit in regards to the criminal investigation of Vicky Capetillo – Grovetown's former city clerk. There audit zeroed in on a 15-month period that revealed that misappropriation of almost $400,000. "What shocked me the most was looking at the individuals that were possibly involved in it and looking at the size of the money. The money average in the months it was stolen was about $40,000 per month," says Billy Hickman, a partner at the law firm.

Their audit also showed Capetillo and other individuals logging into the system after hours to print cash receipts. Grovetown resident Allen Transou says he suspected that there were some discrepancies taking place, he just didn't know they were to this magnitude. "I feel violated, actually. And the reason I feel violated is because of the reaction of those that are still in denial that this actually took place," says Allen Transou.

Residents were confused as to how this went over the city council's head and even questioned council member and stepfather to Capetillo, Dennis Trudeau for rejecting the audit. "The GBI showed me what they had. And I said well, 'It looks like she's guilty and if she's guilty she'll do the time'," says Dennis Trudeau.

Newly elected council member Deborah Fisher and several other residents came to his defense saying he wasn't the only one who rejected it. "So he's human and I think that you should hold your question. Because we are not responsible for the deeds of our grown children," says Deborah Fisher.

"Sylvia Martin, Vicky Cooke, and Dennis. So, don't just throw it all on Dennis because that's his daughter," says residents.

Their main priority at this time is implementing a system that protects taxpayers and the city council from experiencing something like this again. "We had some suggestions for some internal control policies and we had some suggestions for some tip lines. You know, in something like this, most of the time, there's somebody else that knows what's going on. They may not approve of it, but they're scared to bring it out," says Hickman.

Grovetown City Council plans to crack down on their security and access to funds. Right now, Grovetown taxpayers are just hoping nothing like this ever happens again.

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