Residents respond to Commissioner's "Trump-Calhoun Expressway" proposal

Residents respond to Commissioner's "Trump-Calhoun Expressway" proposal

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Commissioner Fennoy recently added a motion to the Engineering Services Committee Meeting agenda to rename the John C. Calhoun Expressway to Trump-Calhoun Expressway. Commissioner Fennoy has, for months, made a constant push to rename the old Expressway.

But this week, he took his push even further by proposing to rename it Trump-Calhoun Expressway. And long-time Augusta residents aren't sure why.

"I don't quite see the relation between the two," says Matthew Mack.

"It sounds like he's doing it just to get a lot of people's attention," says Pat Boldeline.

"To make it Trump-Calhoun, I would just want to understand more the reason behind it," says Mack.

Some residents feel this proposal is a bit outlandish since President Trump hasn't been in office very long. "Well I don't think it would be a very good idea, just yet. We've had this president for a short time. He's got a long ways to go to prove anything to me at this point. He's very controversial and tends to stir up a lot of conflict," says Boldeline.

While others feel someone who's contributed to Augusta directly would be more deserving. "Like what impact directly has he had to Augusta? It would be cool if we could have somebody who has made an impact on this area. Like James Brown. We have the James Brown Arena. That would be perfect," says Mack.

"Because if we're going to change the name, at least change to somebody that's made a difference for this city. That way we can bring awareness to who they were," says Melanie Mack.

Residents are hoping that Commissioner Fennoy will explain the reasoning behind his proposal very soon. Commissioner Fennoy has yet to make a statement about his recent proposal but it is sure to be a hot topic in Tuesday's meeting.

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