Residents respond to fatal hit and run on Wrightsboro Road

Residents respond to fatal hit and run on Wrightsboro Road

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Authorities in Columbia County are investigating after a man's body was found lying in a ditch on Wrightsboro Road after a hit and run. The Columbia County Sheriff's Office is looking for a vehicle described as a white older model GMC Yukon or Chevrolet Suburban.

Investigators say 59-year-old Charles McDaniel was riding his bicycle when he was struck by an oncoming vehicle. He suffered from severe head trauma and was pronounced dead at the scene.

"The vehicle should have damage to the right front. .  the front right headlight possibly broken out, there may be some damage to the top of the hood or the side of the vehicle. Not sure how much damage it should have but all to the right front.", says Sgt. Bobby Bradford with the Columbia County Sheriff's Office.

Nearby resident Karen Hinkle had no idea some one had been killed on her road. "Oh my lord that does not surprise me. . you can not walk this road. You are taking your own life in your own hands walking this road."

According to residents the traffic has built up over the years so bad on Wrightsboro; it is hard for residents to get out of their own drive way. There is no street lights along the road and speeding drivers have very little patience. Hinkle says Columbia County officials are very aware of how dangerous the road can be. "Columbia County needs to step up and do something on Wrightsboro; there is already too much traffic on this road. And I know the proposal was to put another road on the other side but that is not going to help Wrightsboro Road."

Her opinion is the road is to narrow and needs to be widened. Hinkle believes the life lost should spark action for changes to be made and if it does not she will not be sticking around. "
I'm going to move. . . so are my neighbors."

Columbia County is taking this time to remind cyclist to always wear reflective gear while riding.

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