Burke County Sheriff's Office Facebook post goes viral

Burke County Sheriff's Office Facebook post goes viral
The Burke County Sheriff's Office is using social media as a community policing tool to uncover criminal activity. Two recent posts to the Burke County Sheriff's office have gotten a lot of attention. One was shared almost 300 times it asks "Have you received poor customer service from your local drug dealer? We have customer service agents in uniform standing by willing to help rectify the problem." The other one was shared over 1,000 times. It displayed a billboard telling drug dealers to turn in their competition.

"We've received close to ten tips in regards to drugs being sold because of the post with the billboard by using a little bit of humor with seriousness.", says Chief Lewis Blanchard with the Burke County Sheriff's Office.

Chief says this is a time where people are more interactive online than ever before. It is an opportunity for law enforcement to catch the bad guys and in some situations criminals turn themselves in by what they post. Local Sandra Vickery is proud to see the sheriff's office utilizing Facebook. She believes anything posted publicly is fair game for the officers to prevent crimes or to make an arrest.
"I mean if you don't want your business in the streets don't put it on Facebook. . Its not private if you're willing to put it out there .its out there."

Chief Blanchard says people often ask why there are so many post regarding drugs. "Well we had three murders last year in this county all three were solved and we made arrest but all three were because of drugs. So therefore we have to emphasize on where our problems are."

The Burke County Sheriff's Office will continue to use social media as a way to track criminal activity but they also want the community to know their presence on social media is also a way to humanize the badge and see that they are too apart of the community.

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