Columbia County announces new development off of Exit 183

Columbia County announces new development off of Exit 183

COLUMBIA COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - The Development Authority of Columbia County and the Columbia County Board of Commissioners have announced the development of a new industrial park.

On Dec. 28, 2017, the Development Authority of Columbia County purchased 271.9 acres at Exit 183 on Interstate 20 between Appling and Harlem. This site will serve as the foundation for Columbia County's new Industrial Park. The need for a new industrial park in Columbia County was specifically addressed in the Development Authority's economic development strategic plan completed in November of 2016. This plan, Harnessing Opportunities and Talent: An Economic Development Strategy for Columbia County, Georgia, called for the development of 1,000 acres for manufacturing and office developments. The location of the new park was driven by the Vision 2035 Plan, Columbia County's growth management plan.

The Vision 2035 Plan compiled Columbia County resident's input and designated the Exit 183 area as an employment center. Ron Cross, Chairman of Columbia County Board of Commissioners, stated

"The Development Authority and the County Commission of Columbia County have long pursued clean industry and have had great success with the Horizon South Industrial Park. That success has made it mandatory to seek additional space for future industry. This announcement of a new site near the intersection of I-20 and Harlem-Appling Highway is a tremendous benefit to the future of Columbia County. The access and convenience of this location makes it an ideal spot for a variety of business and industry. The expertise and perseverance of Robbie Bennett and the Development Authority is to be highly commended. Congratulations folks!!"

The new industrial park will serve as a resource for attracting new businesses to Columbia County. The Development Authority's plan is to focus marketing efforts on the key targeted industries described in the economic development strategic plan in order to grow jobs and diversify Columbia County's tax base.

"The Development Authority of Columbia County is committed to supporting the growth of jobs, business, and diversifying our local tax base. This new industrial park will position Columbia County for strategic growth and open the door to new opportunities. As Columbia County continues to grow, the Development Authority will continue to focus efforts on quality development and implementation of our economic development strategic plan," stated Hugh Hollar, Chair of the Development Authority of Columbia County.

The first tenant of the new industrial park will be Club Car, LLC. Through a lease with their developer, Prologis Logistic Services Incorporated, Club Car, LLC will occupy a 556,686 SF warehouse.

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