New patient transport units donated to Joseph M. Still Burn Center

New patient transport units donated to Joseph M. Still Burn Center
Some new wheels were donated to the Joseph M. Still Burn Center. Zachariah Taylor is a burn patient at the Doctor's Hospital. He and his sister, Kimberley Nails got to test out the stylish rides that will be used to transport children to surgery and for follow up appointments. As you can tell by the smile on Zachariah's face he is excited. Children often cry and scream when taken away from their parents to go in for their surgeries.

"It is not an ideal situation. Kids would rather be with their parents if they could. So you take that and combine it with a burn injury you know they are looking for their parents for consoling and support and for protection and its traumatic.", says Dr. Richard Cartie, who is the Director of Pediatric Critical Care Services at the Joseph M. Still Burn Center.

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - That is why the Southeastern Firefighters Burn Foundation donated two motorized remote controlled cars and four push cars to the hospital. The organization works with families that have small children who have been burned by providing housing an meals. The cars are just a new effort; making it possible for children to head to surgery on their own terms which is fun and at ease.

"Sometimes burn patients are having twenty to thirty-five procedures. So that little three year old, when he is going through those doors he knows what is going to happen. And these cars are really important because it is going to make them have a smile on their face and relax them a little bit and take away a little bit of that stress hopefully.", Linda McKnight, who is the CEO of the Southeastern Firefighters Burn Foundation.

Mcknight says that is just a start for what they are going to do for the kids here at Joseph M. Still Burn Center. Next they want to donate smart Theatre Virtual Reality headsets for patients to wear during the surgery and even more plans will be announced in the next few months.

Zachary's mom says she is confident his next hospital visit will be less tears and more smiles and giggles.

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