Burke County Sheriff's Office awarded major traffic enforcement grant

Burke County Sheriff's Office awarded major traffic enforcement grant

BURKE COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - The Burke County Sheriff's Office has been awarded a major traffic enforcement grant from the Governor's Office of Highway Safety for $20,000. The grant is recognition for the agency's lifesaving work on the roads. Burke County is among the several counties that help enforce Georgia's safety belt, speed and impaired driving campaigns.

"This is our way of supporting the Burke County Sheriff's Office through its continued leadership via Coordinator Sgt. Brandon Reeves and the East Central traffic enforcement network," said GOHS Director of Law Enforcement Services Roger L. Hayes. "We want to make sure they can continue their region-wide efforts to protect Georgia motorists from drunk and otherwise dangerous drivers. They've proven their dedication and this grant serves not only as recognition for that hard work, but as means for continuing the GOHS mission of reducing crashes, injuries and fatalities on our roads."

Sheriff Alfonzo Williams stated "We are very appreciative of the Governor's Office of Highway Safety and all of the support they provide to us as well as the entire state. We are working diligently to lower our crashes with injuries and fatalities and this will help us greatly during 2018 as well as result in a savings to local taxpayers."

The GOHS grant awards $20,000 to the Burke County Sheriff's Office, with half to support the activities of the traffic enforcement network and half to be spent on traffic safety equipment for Burke County Sheriff's Office.

For more information on the grant program, call 404-656-6996 or visit www.gahighwaysafety.org.
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