Safety tips for pedestrians in Richmond County

Safety tips for pedestrians in Richmond County

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Richmond County Sheriff's office has a message for parents and their children after a five year old was killed trying to cross a street in Hephzibah.

Over sixty pedestrians struck in Richmond County alone this year and the most recent was five year old Jeremiah Douse and his uncle. They were hit by a truck when crossing Tobacco Road. The kid later died at the hospital.

This is a busy time of the year where you see a lot of people out and about; especially families. Troy Price's family is always walking around town. He says there are simple safety precautions that adults with children should practice. "Hold their hand and stay very close to them, look both ways, walk slowly, and make sure that they are in a nice pack together."

Augusta has a lot of busy roads such as Gordon Highway and Deans Bridge Road. Sgt. Shane McDaniel says ever use your own judgment when crossing a road because it may take you longer than expected. He believes children practice what they see so its best for parents to always use cross walks and indicators to ensure they have the right away. "Educate your children on where the cross walks are, what colors to look at, when the traffic lights are going, and what the walk signals buttons look like. Start showing them now what to do."

As the New Year approaches there will be tons of events all around the area which means drivers and pedestrians need to be alert. That also means drinking responsibly. Drinking and walking is just as bad as drinking and driving."

"You can cause an accident and you can be at fault of that accident if you're under the influence get an Uber, a cab, or get somebody to pick you up.", says Sgt. McDaniel.

He also warns pedestrians to not be in a rush. Give yourself time to get where you are going by leaving earlier so that you do not make decision that could cost you your life.

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