Gift returns and exchanges after Christmas Day

Gift returns and exchanges after Christmas Day

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Shoppers spent a record breaking five hundred ninety-eight billion dollars this holiday season, but it's not over yet. Many shoppers were making returns and catching the after Christmas sales.

Heavy foot traffic at the Augusta Mall is expected on this day.  December 26 is one of the top three busiest days for malls in the county says General Manager Amy Dalton.  The mall consist of the shoppers who are checking out the after Christmas sales but most of them are making gift returns or exchanges.  If you are planning on making returns it is best to do some research of the store policy beforehand to avoid confusion. "Have your I.D. on you, have a receipt or gift receipt and as well as the tag. Now some stores will allow you to return items without the receipt. JC Penny for example will take back certain items without a receipt but just be prepared that if you don't have a receipt, you will be getting a gift card from that store." 

The manager suggest buyers to always ask for gift receipts when shopping for the holiday because it makes returning or exchanging gifts so much easier.  "I think that we all have the best intentions with presents. You know we want everyone to love exactly what we gave them. But the truth of the matter is we are not going to get the size right every time. So getting that gift receipt is just a really nice pleasant way to make sure someone gets exactly what they want for Christmas.", says Dalton.

Ashley Adams had quiet a few gifts to return today.  She says its best to return gifts as soon as possible.  Avoid waiting too late because you could miss the window of opportunity to return the gift. "It can be hectic but I actually think it can be fun for you and your family member to get to the mall the day after. Like today is the 26th and we are all here. We actually think it's a fun thing to do to be shopping around and it gives us an opportunity to return some things. "

Dalton predicts the rest of the week the mall will be busy with more shoppers making their returns and using store gift cards.

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