Burke County Sheriff's Office gives out holiday gifts to kids

Burke County Sheriff's Office gives out holiday gifts to kids
Christmas came early for a lot of kids in Burke County. The Burke County Sheriff's Office wanted to do its best to make sure every child in the area has a gift under the Christmas tree.

BURKE COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - What can put a big smile on a kids face? Perhaps a bike and a shopping spree at Wal-Mart. The Burke County Sheriff's Office gave away a total of 105 bicycles and took many kids Christmas shopping. Sheriff Alfonzo Williams wanted everyone to know that police officers do not just protect the town but build relationships that can be trusted and foster an appreciation for law enforcement.

"If we can get children at a young age talking to us that's a positive thing and it is good for the police officers as well. It shows them the human side of other people. A lot of the times when we are going out we see people at their worst moments or in negative light. It's more of a fun day for everybody.", says Lewis Blanchard who is a Chief Deputy for Burke County.

On December 20 the deputies did a toy give away to any child who lives in Burke County and on December 21 the gifts were for children selected through either the Department of Family and Children Services or foster care. Brandi Palmer's children were in foster care for some time but are now back in her custody. She says it feels so good to know law enforcement cares about her family. "It's so important for every child to wake up with something under their tree no matter what or the age. I love the magic of Christmas it's a beautiful thing and for every child to have a gift in this county is amazing to me."

The Sheriff's office says its an honor to serve but wants the public to be reminded of what also comes along with the season of giving.

"Today's a fun day but its also a season for burglaries – Make sure you are using 'extra do care' on everything that you are doing -- if you get a lot of gifts don't leave that stuff sitting in the front yard and make yourself more of a target.", says Chief Blanchard.

The Sheriff's Office hopes that these kids will remember the day each time they see a cop around town.

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