High 5 4 Kids: Rudy Washington

High 5 4 Kids: Rudy Washington

COLUMBIA COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - Bullying has been making headlines across our country for years. Right here in the C-S-R-A we now have a 12-year-old who has started a no bully zone rally.

There's not many things that 12-year-old Rudy Washington doesn't enjoy doing. "I love to sing, I love to dance, I love to play the drums. I play guitar but I really love giving. I love giving so much," he says.

And his giving has already impacted thousands of students. Washington and his family recently moved to Columbia County from Detroit. And for a brief period, he experienced bullying.

"He kept saying he would do something gruesome to me and my mom and my family," says Washington.

Rudy didn't let the bully get the best of him, instead telling his teachers and parents right when it happened. After that, he says he felt something had to be done for other kids who might be fearful to speak up.

"I didn't want those kids to have to go through the emotional pain I went through so My mom & I started the no bully zone."

At the No Bully Zone rally's, he advocates to students on ways to avoid bullying whether you're seeing it or experiencing it. "Just speak up. Tell an adult, tell a teacher, tell a scholar counselor, tell the principal, tell any adult that's around you," says Washington.

Aside from that, Rudy & his family has been spreading the joy of giving by handing out thousands of socks to the homeless. And his message has already reached the ears of the White House.

"Not every day you get to talk to the president."

Then President Barack Obama & Vice President Joe Biden both had meaningful conversations with him, conversations that have left a lasting impression on the 12-year-old. "Having the president of the United States remember you, your mission, and your name is just mind blowing."

Now his hope is to bring the same message down here in the C-S-R-A. Washington's Mother says they are already in the process of starting the No Bully Zone in Augusta.

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