Pace's Run management and Aiken Public Safety discuss safety plans

Pace's Run management and Aiken Public Safety discuss safety plans

AIKEN COUNTY, SC (WFXG) - Safety plans are in the making to straighten up Paces Run, an apartment complex known for a lot of violence in the city of Aiken. In October the apartment management was given an ultimatum either help stop the crime or shut down. They are now putting forth effort to help.

Aiken Department of Public Safety and the owners of Pace's Run Apartments have been working together in order to come up with a plan to fight against the violence that has been happening in the neighborhood. In the request for management to get involved they were told that there has been 435 calls made to Public Safety, which generated 135 incident reports. The crimes listed in the reports include discharging guns in the city, drug violations, assault, theft, sexual offenses, destruction of property, trespassing, burglary, robbery, and murder.
Cynthia Michell says now Paces Run management is very interested in keeping residents safe. "We know we have good people in Paces Run and that's what we want them to understand is that Aiken Department of Public Safety is here to serve alongside them and others in our community to ensure everyone has a wonderful quality of life in Aiken."

Pace's Run management and public safety are brainstorming on safety plans, discussing mutual expectations, and making it clear that safety is a shared responsibility. One big talk to be implemented is the use of car decals to identify who residents are and who does not be long.

"And then as we progress whether it is security cameras or better lightening. Anything to make the community feel more safe is going to benefit us to where the individuals who want to commit a crime there realize they can't because they have a greater chance at being caught.", explains Detective Jeremy Hembree with Aiken Department of Public Safety.

Detective Hembree believes this is a positive step for the community. By strengthening public safety and management relationship will in return cause them to build stronger relationship with residents there. "We want to be able to go in that neighborhood whenever we have calls for service and know that we're going to get full cooperation. Whether its for simple arsenal all the way up to an aggravated assault or homicide like we've had in the past."

Aiken Public Safety says change begins with simple conversations and right now they are having plenty of them and they are expecting a bright future. Aiken Public Safety says there is still much to be discussed before a final plan is complete but once there is it will be implemented immediately.

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