Disc Golf Tournament held in Pendleton King Park

Disc Golf Tournament held in Pendleton King Park

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - A disc golf tournament was held in Pendleton King Park to continue the efforts of saving the historical CSRA park.

"I grew up in this part. I mean, not just disc golf. I was 6-7 years old, coming to this park," says Herman Grant.

Herman Grant is the Disc Golf representative for the Pendleton King Park foundation and says this is the biggest disc golf course he's ever played on. When the controversy began about the fate of the park, he decided to plan a tournament in just a matter of weeks to bring people together who not only love disc golf but Pendleton King Park. "The phone just kept going off and off and off and off. We signed up to 72 players that night and that's usually the full field. And my phone was still going off. And we opened up an extra 18 spots," says Grant.

World Champion disc golfer, Pete May, also grew up in Pendleton King Park in the 50's and says this park is the "mother ship" of disc golf in the CSRA and the place where his love for the sport first began. "Bought it over at 7/11, paid 99 cents for it. And I played six months, not even knowing there were disc golfers. So, I ended up getting a golf disc secretly from my other friends and started throwing farther than the young guys. So that was how, and it all happened here," says May.

Grant says the overwhelming reaction from the community reaffirmed his hopes for the park. "I knew the disc golf community, I knew they would stand up for this thing. We ain't going nowhere without a fight," says May.

Grant is hoping that the foundation's diligent fight for the park will all pay off in the end.

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