Be aware of porch thieves: Protection tips against porch delivery theft

Be aware of porch thieves: Protection tips against porch delivery theft

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Christmas is right around the corner and that means there are a lot of gifts being ordered online.

What steps are you taking to make sure no one steals your purchases once they have been delivered? Columbia County Sheriff's Office shared some tips  that will help you keep your valuables away from thieves.

During this time of year, there is an increase in front door package theft. Whether you live in a house or apartment complex you need to be aware. This is a crime Columbia County expects this time of year. You can not just rely on delivery companies to keep your packages safe on your porch, once they leave it is basically up for grabs.

"Suspect is usually right behind a FedEx truck or a mail truck and is watching the mail person actually deliver the package to the front porch. ", says Sgt. Josh Bogdanow with Columbia County Sheriff's Office.

The Sheriff's office has tips to put you at ease:

1. Take advantage of customizing your home deliveries to best fit your schedule. Consider where will you more likely be during time of delivery.
2. For many packages a signature is not needed but if you are receiving something high value it is best to require a signature.
3. Add a surveillance system so you can capture who is walking up to the door.

Columbia County resident Crystal Shelton does most of her holiday shopping online. Just two weeks ago she never received her packages. After watching her surveillance video she saw that it had been stolen. "Just really watch for your package and try to track it on the phone and have somebody there because that is what happened to us. We were gone but thank God we watched the video of it later."

Sgt. Bogdanow says to always call the police when a package is stolen. "In cases such as these, usually the suspect has done this multiple times. So usually whenever we do find a suspect and through the process of an interview. It comes out they also have been involved in other thefts so we can link them through a confession. "

He also says it is so easy for us to be blindsided during this time of year because the holidays bring around great spirit and happiness but be aware that there are thieves out there waiting to make a move.

And if you still are uneasy about packages being left on your porch, you can always pick up the packages up from the deliverer's location.

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